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Dr. J. Gerlach – Faculty Information

Dr. Gerlach published more than 160 peer-reviewed publications. A PMID public list is found at:

Pittsburgh Post Gazette Skin Gun article January 31, 2017

Virtual Photo Walks presentation on YouTube: “The Stem Cell Experts”, 2013. 35,910 viewers followed this initiative presentation online live video stream of our lab demonstration on the YouTube webpage:
This video was streamed and shared with 35 Thousand followers on Google+.

National Geographic Video Feature: Stem Cell Treatment for Burn Victims: Dr Jörg Gerlach’s Stem Cell Spray Gun on February 3, 2011. This National Geographic post obtained 4.9 million hits on YouTube between four sites

CNN video and article December 7, 2016

Newsweek Magazine article April 21, 2017

Updated 1-August-2017