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The global aim of CellNet is to foster cooperation between universities, research centers, enterprises, including SMEs, and science and technology organizations. It will promote research networking, push for the advancement of clinical studies and education programs for specialists in the field, support economic activities and the commercialization of developments in the area of Regenerative Medicine, and share the knowledge gathered with the public.

The CellNet.Org website search functions and the underlying database provide a “Who’s Who in Regenerative Medicine” for the public, whereas access to specific intranet functions is restricted to members.

CellNet.Org is a university initiative, financed by the City of Berlin, Germany and the Humboldt University. The initiative aims to support multi-disciplinary networking focusing on the field of Regenerative Medicine, including stem cells and tissue engineering. CellNet.Org is an integral part of the “Intercontinental Collaborative Network for Regenerative Medicine”, constituted by the Pittsburgh Tissue Engineering Initiative (PTEI, USA), the Kansai Tissue Engineering Initiative (KTI, Japan) and the Regenerative Medicine Initiative Germany (RMIG, Germany), providing Internet pages with a “Who’s Who in Regenerative Medicine”, Intranet services for EU project participants, as well as European offices for the members overseas
Updated 1-August-2017