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Finger Tip Study

J. Peter Rubin Dr. J. Peter Rubin
Associate Professor of Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh
School of Medicine

Principal Investigator

Dr. Rubin is the Co-Director of the UPMC Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center. He is a Board certified plastic surgeon with extensive practice in reconstructive procedures. Dr. Rubin directs a basic science research program in the biology of adipose-derived stem cells and is co-director of the Adipose Stem Cell Center at the University of Pittsburgh.

Anecdotal reports of distal finger regeneration following amputation and treatment with biologic scaffolds have been received by the Badylak laboratory. In combination with extensive preclinical studies to investigate the possibility of digit regeneration through the use of biologic scaffold materials, we are treating selected patients with ECM scaffold materials following traumatic amputation of their distal digits. The clinical care is being provided by Dr. Peter Rubin in the department of plastic surgery. This work is not part of a funded clinical study but rather an attempt to collect quantitative information from patients treated with these materials and compare the results with the historical database of patients treated with routine standard of care (ie, no biologic scaffold treatment).


Updated 09-Mar-2011